Rascal CBD Online Ordering is down for maintenance. Please call 02 4047 2375 to place an order.


RASCAL is what we think fast food should be: delicious food made pretty quickly, with love, fun and energy. Our food is hand made to our own recipes, right down to the sauces and the salt on our fries! Our produce is ethically sourced from quality local and Australian producers and served imaginatively with a dash of mischief. And we’ve created our own rules when it comes to flavour combinations- challenging the norm in the realm of fast food! So whether you’re chasing a classic cheeseburger, diner-style fried chicken, an American-style waffle, or one of our more unique creations, Newcastle we have what you need!

There’s now twice as much RASCAL to go round!

RASCAL Charlestown is now open in the new Corner Precinct at Charlestown Square! Drop in and say hi!

Our original Newcastle City store is open as usual too! DON’T BE A STRANGER!